The Dion's
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Content taken from On Tour With Celine
Taken with Permission

Look below for the names

1.Manon, 2.Jacques, 3.Denise, 4.Pauline, 5.Clement, 6.Ghislaine, 7.Louise, 8.Celine,
9.Claudette, 10.Therese, 11.Michel, 12.Daniel, 13.Adhemar, 14.Liette, 15.Linda, 16.Paul

Denise Dion - Daudier

Denise has six children and is currently married to Yvon Daudier:

Christian ...
Francis ...
Nancy ... - Guertin
Yolaine Daudier
Josiane Daudier
Annick Daudier

Nancy is married to Daniel Guertin and together they have two children:

Boby Guertin
James Guertin

Clement Dion
Clement has four children:

Brigitte Dion
Dominic Dion
Rachel Dion
Kim Dion

Claudette Dion
Claudette has four children:

Cathy ...
Steeve ...
Sebastien ...
Celia ...

Liette Dion
Liette is the mother of Karine, Karine had Cystic Fybrosis and died in 1993:

Karine Menard

Michel Dion
Michel has no children, as far as we know of.

Louise Dion - Tremblay
Louise is married to Pierre Tremblay and together they have three children:

Annie Tremblay
Mylne Tremblay
Franois Tremblay

Jacques Dion
Jacques has one child:

Jimmy Dion

Daniel Dion
Daniel is married to Ghyslaine Bujold and together they have three children:

Valrie Dion
Guillaume Dion
Marie-Michele Dion

Ghislaine Dion
Ghislaine has one child:

Audrey ...

Linda Dion - Sylvestre
Linda is married to Alain Sylvestre and has no children, as far as we know of.

Manon Dion
Manon has a partner called Gilles Hacala, they have no children.

Paul Dion
Paul is married to Lucie Hebert and they have three children:

Justine Dion
Marilne Dion
milie Dion

Pauline Dion
Pauline is married and has six children:

Alexandre ...
Stphanie ...
Marc-Antoine ...
... ...
... ...
Andrea ...

Celine Dion - Angelil
Celine is married to Rene Angelil and they've one son who was born January 25, 2001.

Rene Charles Angelil

Rene has three children from two previous marriages:

Patrick Angelil
Jean-Pierre Angelil
Anne-Marie Angelil - Dupre

Anne-Marie is married (August 25, 2000) to Marc Dupr and their son, Anthony, was born August 3, 2001.

Anthony Dupre

Andr Anglil
Ren has one brother Andr who's married to Monique, together they have four children:

Alain Anglil
Maryse Anglil
Marcel Anglil
Isabelle Anglil

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